Deep down, I know I always wanted to write. But for all kinds of reason, ranging from the very bad and lazy ones to full-on impostor syndrome, I could never maintain a blog on any consistent and regular basis.

“What convinced you to try again?”, you might ask. Well, social media is becoming increasingly toxic and censorious and forums ain’t what they used to be anymore. A blog would let me write about what I want without having to think about moderators. I can also write loooooong texts and insert relevant picture and links in a format over which I have greater control.

“And what will you write about, this time around?” I gotta say you ask very relevant questions! I want this space to be devoted to tabletop rpgs. More specifically, OSR titles and indie publications like Dungeon World, Torchbearer, and the like. If I ever go back to hacking and designing games, that would also eventually find its place here. All in all, if I think of something that is somehow even remotely related to rpgs and I feel inspired, I’ll write.

“How often will you post?” Is it an interview? Well, gee, I didn’t put much thinking into that one. For the moment, I’ll go with “whenever I feel like it” but I also acknowledge that having some sort of schedule might help a lot in the long run. This is something I’ll have to figure out by talking with some veteran bloggers and seeing what’s a good fit for me.

“When is the real first post coming out?” Wow! I’m glad to see you’re so eager to read me! I don’t have a date yet, but I’m in the process of gathering ideas and notes for a first essay about why D&D 5e is good but not great and why I dig OSR games better.